Let us remember…

As with so like so many of the celebrated holidays, I feel like many forget the reason of Memorial Day. The stress on “start of summer”, sales in the stores, malls, and auto lots cloud the reason we take time off from our every day life and the freedom enjoyed, in our country. The sound of taps rings in my ears as I remember the lives of all the men and women who either volunteered to service or were called to serve in the Armed Forces, of our Country especially all those whose ultimate sacrifice has lead to the continued freedom and liberties we enjoy here in our country.

Let us pray…Lord God, lover of liberty, justice and freedom, help us to remember the real reason for the celebration of Memorial Day. You have indeed risen up women and men to protect the liberty and freedom of our country as they served in our nations Armed Forces. While we are grateful for their service, we pause to call to mind and remember those who gave their life for our country. As we remember the courage and bravery of the members of our Armed Forces, use this Memorial Day to encourage us to stand ready to defend the freedom and liberty of our Land. Amen.

May all the departed of the United States Armed Forces, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

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