Messiah LogoNew members are received into the congregation throughout the year.  If you are interested in becoming a member of Messiah Evangelical Lutheran Church, please call the church office at 718-356-1050 so that we may make arrangements for the Pastor and a member of the Congregation to come visit with you.

We welcome new members of all faiths.  If you have been baptized in any catholic faith and profess your faith in God, Jesus Christ and the Holy spirit, you are welcomed at Messiah Lutheran.  If you are not currently of Lutheran faith there is no formal conversion process to join us and practice your faith here with us.  Of course, even if you have not yet been baptized we would be happy to make arrangements for you to do so.

Please click this link to access a copy of the Membership application form. Or if you prefer we can send a membership application to you.  Please call the church office at 718-356-1050 to make arrangements.

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