Coffee Hour

coffeePlease join us for coffee hour and fellowship immediately following the 10:30 service.

Would you like to host a coffee hour?  Please see the sign-up sheet in the kitchen of the church basement. You can host alone or with another member of the congregation.  Its easy; the coffee, sugar, cups, plates napkins, carafes and utensils are available in the pantry cabinets for your use.  As a host you provide the milk, juice, cakes, bagels, cookies or whatever you’d like to serve, as well as the set up, coffee brewing, serving and cleanup.

Coffee hour is generally held every week from September through June, with special occasions like Easter Sunday as a full breakfast which is generally held between the two morning services.

Its a wonderful way to meet and socialize with your fellow members of the congregation and to get your children involved in the church as well.  They really love helping out.

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